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Recycle Your Masks With Mask Collections!

A service by Mask Connections to help the environment

As the pandemic has evolved, so have we. Mask Connections has transitioned to Mask Collections, providing a service to recycle masks to help protect the environment.

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What is It and Why?

The World Uses A Lot of Masks

The world uses around 129 Billion masks a month and discards 3.4 billion masks per day.


And It's Hurting Our Environment

It’s estimated that 1.6 billion of these masks ended up in our oceans making masks a threat to our environment. These masks are commonly made of polypropylene, which easily breaks up into microplastics. While the effects of microplastics on human health are not yet determined, 94% of U.S. tap water is deemed to be contaminated. Furthermore the amount of plastic waste accumulating in the oceans is forecast to triple in the next 20 years, with no real solution on the horizon.


What We Can Do About It?

What we as a community can do is make an effort to recycle our used disposable masks instead of discarding them. These masks are made of plastics that can be reused if recycled. We are here to help you recycle your masks. We will collect your used surgical, KN95, and any other disposable masks and make sure that they are recycled properly. We make it safe and easy for you to recycle your masks by providing a location for you to drop off your masks and at times we will come pick it from your house!

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Recycle Now!

Choose the Option that Fits your Schedule the Best


Drop off Your Masks

You can drop off your masks at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Sunnyvale located at: 1025 The Dalles Ave, Sunnyvale, CA. There are multiple collection receptacles available on campus.

Pick Up

Collect between 25-50 masks and we will come pick them up from you for free. Fill out the form below to set up a time.

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Connecting those with masks to those who need them

Note: Mask Connections has transitioned to Mask Collections. We thank you for your mask donations and you have helped to keep our community safe. As the pandemic has evolved, we are hoping to continue to contribute by helping to protect our environment through recycling of used masks. We thank you for your kindness and will leave the information below as a reminder for all that you have done during the early pandemic. Thank you!

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What is Mask Connections?

Mask Connections is a website that provides a connection between those in our community who want to donate new reusable masks to those who need them. There is mounting evidence that show face masks prevent the spread of COVID-19, and therefore save lives.  At Mask Connections, we want to increase awareness and encourage all members of our community to wear masks in order to protect each other.  To do this, we want to make it easy for those who are able to provide masks to those who need them by providing a platform to request and to donate. We also make it easier by providing a safe location to drop off and to pick up these products and, at times, we are able to directly pick-up or deliver to you.

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Mask Recommendation Update

January 22, 2022

CDC continues to recommend that you wear the most protective mask you can that fits well and you will wear consistently. While all masks and respirators provide some level of protection, properly fitted disposable surgical masks and respirators like KN95 and N95 provide the highest level of protection. Due to the Omicron variant being highly contagious, the CDC has updated its recommendations to wear the highest protective mask possible for certain higher risk situations or by some people at increased risk of severe disease.

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How Mask Connections Works

Donate Masks

If you are willing to donate masks, click on the "Donate Masks" link below to fill out a short info form. You will be able to drop off masks at a safe and convenient location near you or we may pick the masks up from you if needed. Thanks so much for your support.

Donate Funds for Mask Making Supplies

We use all donated funds to purchase supplies to make homemade masks to share with our neighbors and community. To donate, please click on the link below.

Need Masks

If you are in need of masks, click on the "Need Masks" link below to fill out a short info form. We will email you with information on where and when to pick up the masks.

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Start a Mask Connection Chapter

Bring Mask Connections to your community. You can partner with us to connect those in your community who need masks to those who can provide them. Use the link below to get started.

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3000+ Masks Provided to the Community


2400+ Masks Provided by You

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Your Comments and Feedback

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"What a gift you and your organization are to the world!"

Kelly O.
Cristo Rey High School

"Way to find a problem and attack it with an elegant solution."

Kevin H.
Community  Foundation Santa Cruz County

"This is such an awesome blessing to our community..."

Jan R.
Trinity-Gateway Food Pantry

"Thank you again for your mask donations!  They are very popular at SCS."

Hiroko O.
Sunnyvale Community Services

mask image'.png
The Sunnyvale Sun, Matthew and Nathan co
mask image'.png

"You two are doing a tremendous job and your website is fabulous. And as I mentioned, let me know if/when you're in need of additional masks."

Diane L.
Mask Maker

Mask Connections featured in The Sunnyvale Sun

The Sunnyvale Sun

"I know that many will benefit from this service and this will keep our community safe and healthy. Thank you!!"

Denise T.

"God bless you and this wonderful work you are doing with the help of the Holy Spirit."

Pastor Bob McKee

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Our Story

Matthew Pang and Nathan Su both wanted to help their community of Sunnyvale during this unprecedented time. At first, they both worked with their parents, who are healthcare providers, to make homemade masks for the hospital and clinic workers where their parents worked. They found that they had an excess number of masks and wanted to share it with their neighbors. However, they did not know who was most in need. Therefore, they thought it would be a good idea to connect those in our neighborhood with a neighbor to neighbor connection for donating and receiving reusable masks. It is a way to keep our neighborhood safe and to be neighborly. In this time of social distancing, they felt it was important to do something to keep our neighborhood safe and promote universal wearing of masks in public.

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Updated CDC Recommendations 

For Face Masks and COVID-19 Vaccines

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Information Link

Mask Making Guide

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Who Are We?



Matthew is a student at Homestead High School. He was born and raised in Sunnyvale, California. His interests include reading, volleyball, anime, tutoring, and community service projects. Matthew aims to make an impact on his community in the field of medicine.


Nathan is a high school student at Bellarmine College Preparatory.  Together, he and Matthew have led and helped with various service projects over the years to improve their local community. His interests include drawing, music, volleyball, and video games.  Nathan aims to further his studies in the social sciences.

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Contact Mask Connections

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